Monday, October 22, 2018

Getting Things Done...One Step at a Time

By: Joel Luedke

"Most people OVERestimate what they can get done in a week but UNDERestimate what they can get done in a year." -Tony Robbins

I've found myself quoting this line more and more lately as well as constantly reminding myself of the same words.  In this post we will talk about a couple different applications of this idea and why it's important to not just focus on the short term but also to look at the long game when it comes to things in your life.

Accomplishing Fitness & Nutrition Goals
If you try and change everything in your life in an attempt to eat better or get in shape you're almost doomed to fail.  It is almost impossible to maintain.  Find things you can change in your day that you can do one at a time.  (See more ideas from this CP Short, featuring Own the Day: Own Your Life by Aubrey Marcus). 

Instead of changing your entire diet and then missing certain things, find one main thing, adjust it, attack it, own it and then find the next one and repeat.  This is a much more sustainable way to progress and allows you to not have a guilt if you do slip up to an old favorite.

The same applies to fitness, you can't make up for weeks and weeks of bad diet and inactivity with one workout or week of workouts.  No amount of sweat or soreness is going to make up for that period of inactivity.  It is the accumulation of all those activities and workouts that will add up to the success that you are looking for.

Accomplishing Coaching & Career Goals
Ambitious people in the health, fitness and medical space want to know everything they can as soon as they can and it is almost impossible to accomplish.  When we try and consume all that information in a short period of time it is difficult to absorb it all and then apply it to your work.  This notoriously happens after a great weekend seminar but then there is not follow up on the application of the information in the following weeks.

Take a look at this way, instead of trying to cram all kinds of information in as fast as you can attack things one day at a time.  If you were to learn and own one thing every day for an entire year you are looking at picking up 365 really good bits of information that you can take and apply to your work and start making connections between all those things you learn.  This can make a huge impact when you are looking helping people because you can implement it as you go.  If you try and consume all that information one weekend...most of the time it just kind of fades away.

Don't get overly ambitious in a short amount of time, it's hard to sustain that and keep that information alive and in your mind.  Take it step by step, own what you learn and make a huge impact.

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