Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Ultimate Exercise: "The Kettlebell Swing"

This exercise is made for everyone and helps you accomplish whatever goal you're after.  It is the perfect exercise for any woman (or man) for that matter that wants to work their posterior chain starting at their Achilles tendon and working up the entire length to the back of their head.  For the serious lifter, adding this exercise can help develop muscles key to good posterior and help reduce the risk of injury.  See video below for instructions on how to perform the lift and also the linked article for written out instructions and further tips.  Happy Lifting.
(you can even do them in khaki pants)

Courtesy: Tim Ferriss and the Four Hour Body

More information and written instructions here: The Ultimate Exercise

If you're curious as to the cheaper alternative he was talking about, contact me and I will pass the information along.

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