Monday, October 26, 2015

5.5 Things That Destroy Your Pursuit of Health

This post was adapted from a couple different things.  The first one is an article called "8 Things that Destroy College Athletes".  The article describes how that if you are trying to something more than the average person you can't behave like the average person.  It touches on some of the topics that commonly put people behind their potential.  It is well worth the read.

Here we created a very similar type article but focused it more on someone who generally wants to build their health, wellness, fitness or anything else.  We think everyone has the power to do it on their own but sometimes just need a place to start and this can be one of those places.  

The Destroyers

1.  Changing Your Eating Habits Drastically

We specifically didn't say "diet" here as it can be considered a four letter word.  We have talked about in previous posts how going on a strict adherence diet is a recipe for disaster.  The bounce back effect of not being able to maintain your diet and regaining weight and then some is well documented and it can be extremely hard on you and your body.    What you want to focus on is making changes that you can maintain and doing them one at a time.  Change breakfast to something healthier, cut out pop/soda, or limit pizza to one night a week.  The more you can bring these changes in slowly the better your adherence will be.

2. Waiting for the "Perfect" Workout
There is a workout for absolutely everything these days and you can find them all on the internet.  While we believe that everyone should have a workout that is personalized for them you can absolutely lose yourself trying to find that on your own.  Best bet is to find one you like, give it 3 weeks and see what the results are.  If you push yourself hard enough with about any workout you should be able to get great results whether is it specifically meant for you or not.

3. Giving Into Gimmicks
"Insanity", "8 minute abs", Zumba.....all these things can be great but in small doses.  Let your BS meter be your guide.  If it promises the world to you and results in a week or two it is almost always too good to be true.  Same thing with nutrition.  Nothing out there to date can replace the nutrition benefit of whole food.  There isn't a supplement that can give you all that nutrition and yet make you feel full and give your body exactly what it needs to run so don't fall for it.  Supplementation is just that supplemental to your diet.  Get your base nutrition from what you eat and then possibly enhance it with supplements.

4. Too Much Social
This one hurts us to but if you want to get the results it does take some sacrifice.  Those beers on the
weekend add up, especially if you are just trying to get started.  Sacrifice the night out for the good nights sleep and the morning workout.  It will pay dividends in your energy, mood and level of excitement for the day.  It's hard to go out and keep it within a diet as bar food rarely qualifies.  What is really most important to you?

5. Forgetting How Much Hard Work Plays Into It
Bottom line is it takes dedication to make this all happen.  Lack of knowledge and experience can often be made up for by hard work.  "It takes no talent to put forth great effort."-GW.  The perfectly crafted nutrition and workout plan may be great but if you put nothing behind it and just go through the motions you are leaving money off the table.  Don't sell yourself short in something that you have so much control over.

5.5. Thinking you can be like "everyone else" when you're trying to get it done.
This one is just the final reminder: if you want to get your health, wellness and fitness to the next level you can't be just another person, you have to have that little something extra.  Go get it.

The .5 number comes from an idea by Jeffory Gitomer, a sales coach.  He does it in all his books because he believes in that little something extra.  He is well worth the read.

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