Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Study Spotlight: The Effects of Synchronous Music on 400m Sprint Performance

We posted a couple weeks ago about how effective music can be in aiding in your recovery (Check it out HERE).  This week we take a look at a study that synced music tempo to efforts running the 400m and if it helped with work output and running times.

What They Did:
A group of male 400 runners were tested using different types of music and how it influenced their performance.  They used different paces of music and also different types, motivational vs. non.  They measured different markers such as work output, rate of perceived exertion and their actual running times.

What They Found:
Researchers found an increase in work output with using music (it didn't matter which type) and also faster running times.  They found this to be most beneficial especially in rhythmical efforts such as running.

What It All Means:
This is quite a cool finding because it shows how much of an ergogenic aid music can be irregardless of the type and just looking at the tempo.  Allowing for increased work output you're going to get more accomplished in each set when you have the music set to a pace that you are looking to accomplish.  These gain could be great but it begs the question that if you train at a level with music that you can't replicate without music (or at least the same music) do you really get a transfer of the effect to your competition.  It has been done before with a marathon runner repeating "Scat Man" in his head over and over for two hours to keep his pace high and consistent.

If you're looking for an added benefit to your workout this is an easy place to try but be cautioned if you're applying it over to high end competition.

Also check out Spotify's new running app.  It adapts to you.

The Effects of Synchronous Music on 400m Sprint Performance
Stuart D. Simpson

Journal of Sports Sciences, October 2006; 24(10): 1095-1102

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