Monday, February 18, 2019

Find the Source

"You could have a rock in your shoe and in current medicine you could take an ibuprofen and feel a little better and feel less pain.  Or you could stop, remove your shoe and dump the rock out." 

-Chris Kresser

This quote summed up so many things we see in not only medicine but also in performance and just life in general. All too often we are looking for the quick fix. The pain reliever. The supplement. That one piece of equipment that should put us up and over the top. Is that thing we are looking for though really getting to the source of the issue though?

Being as guilty of this as anyone it has been an eye opener. There is a lot of things you can change in your lifestyle to get more health benefits:

  • Staying hydrated
  • Getting enough QUALITY sleep
  • Eating Whole Foods
  • Limiting things on the ingredients label you can't pronounce
  • Basic activity (walks are a great start)
  • Simple mobility work
As mush as you can try not to add to the continuation of dulling the pain or looking for the quick fix to get you to the next phase of whatever your goal might be. Stop, consult a professional if you need to, and figure out why that issue is occurring. Take the rock out of your shoe and be all the better for it.

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