Sunday, February 18, 2018

Mobility Monday: Unglue Your Posterior Chain

Deadlifts are/used to be one of my favorite exercises and as I got better at them I found out being able to sit down further into the set up can make a huge difference.  Where that tightness can occur can be in the anterior hip and is one to be addressed but it is commonly along the posterior chain.  This can occur from sitting down for long periods of time throughout the day and also having some postural faults.  These basic movements can really help you get moving.

You don't need to send a huge amount of money on a specific ball and a softball or lacrosse ball will do the trick.

LINK: Lacrosse ball
LINK: Softball

Things It Helps:
-Hip Flexion
-Getting deep into a squat to set up
-Potential referred pain patterns of a disc

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