Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Running Shoe Recommendations

There are unlimited options and opinions out there when it comes to running shoes and what style, size, support and color you should get.  Well here is one more but backed up with some thought outside of just picking one to fix a problem that you may or may not have.

I have worked in high level track and field for several years and utilized many different shoe companies to outfit the athletes I have worked with and there was never the perfect shoe, it was highly independent.  I've had the fortune to meet and work with a major shoe company representative that came in and helped us in finding the right shoe for each athlete.  Turns out their thought is that about 80-90% of runners need to be in a support shoe or any description that will control for pronation.  At the time I thought this was huge information but now with more research I'm thinking maybe they were just trying to sell me something.

Pronation control, extra cushion and heel lift are all shoes built to support you for heel striking when you run.  We have talked about in previous posts this is not the best form for you as the force it applies to your bones and joints can be extremely brutal and taxing.  We are wanting to adapt a forefoot landing pattern that allows our muscles to help absorb the shock and make it much easier on our bodies.

Having watched many people recently work to switch to this style of running and do so in new and "minimal" shoes has been very successful.  In my own experience it is very hard to run on your forefoot or in the "Pose Method" with a pronation controlled shoe or anything with a substantial heel. It gets in the way of your landing mechanics and also there is a noticeable difference in the weight of the shoe.

My basic running shoe recommendation is "minimalist"/zero drop or a drop no bigger than 4mm from heel to toe.  Please keep in mind if you are making the switch to start a slow progression to forefoot running and allow your body to adapt.  Please feel free to contact us for a suggested program, we'll send it right over to you.  Email:

If you have questions about having flat feet and how to fix it if we don't recommend letting a shoe do it.  Please also email us.

Here are the running recommendations from Dr. Romanov who created the Pose Method and has worked with some of the most elite endurance athletes in the world.  Pose Recommendations

Fix It Early, Fix It Often

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