Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Minding Your Mitochondria

Dr. Terry Wahls has one of the more incredible stories that I have seen about the power of self-research, self-testing and fixing yourself as a result of what you've done.  Dr. Wahls was diagnosed

with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and it quickly took over control of her body and confined her to a wheel chair.  Through plenty of research and completely changing her diet over the course of about a year she was able to completely change her life and regain the ability to run and ride her bike and in essence take her life back.

The diet she talks about and prescribes is simple and I know made me want to eat better.  There are so many things we can control in our life if we are dedicated to that cause.  I took this as a great way to look at things on a preventative side and do what I can to get ahead of these things that might cause me harm in the future and doing what I can to not wait until that tipping point when things go extremely wrong.  Hope you enjoyed the video.