Friday, July 18, 2014

An Alternative to Fat Loss: From the "4 Hour Body"

First off, please see the link below to read the entire chapter (It's only 7 pages) for all the information.

Alternative to Fat Loss

Here is a summary of this different way to look at fat loss.
Prediction: Unfamiliar food causes loss of appetite
-Introducing something you don't typically do into your diet (in the writers case, fructose water) in a new constant routine can cause your body to change its hunger desire even with a reduction in caloric intake.

A Body-Fat Set Point
This thought states that the body wants to stay at specific target weight and body fat percentage but then why do we gain weight so easily but not lose it with the same ease.
One thought is that your set point is based on what you eat and when two studies looked at weight loss; one via caloric restriction and one via certain food restrictions but not calories, there was similar weight loss found but the experience of caloric restriction was much more unpleasant compared to the food type restriction.

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The Shangri-La Diet
This diet focuses on not raising your set point and is based on foods "flavor-calorie" association which depends on its calorie content.  The thought that foods full of flavor (and often times calories) get programed into your body as something you want to constantly consume and therefore can raise your set point.  The four tips below will help you find foods that have a low "flavor-calorie" association so you can eat more of them without having the weight gain.
1. Avoid eating foods with exactly the same flavor (i.e. fast food)
2. Eat foods with a weak flavor
3. Eat foods that are digested slowly (harder to create an internal food profile)
4. Eat unfamiliar foods.

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