Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Study Spotlight: Kombucha and Electromagnetic Radiation

By: Joel Luedke

This Study Spotlight stretches our boundaries a little bit here at TAT.  It is very interesting but strays away from most of the studies that we take a look at.  The background behind this one is we recently got into kombucha and have even made a homemade batch (second one is brewing as I type this).  There is a lot of benefits to drinking kombucha with a lot of them being based around the probiotic element that occur throughout the fermentation process.

This study takes a look at how kombucha might help out with some other things that affect us in our daily lives.  That being electromagnetic fields (think cell phones) but they take a look at this in rats.  Stay with us and check out the information below.

Clinically Pressed video coming soon on making homemade kombucha (have to wait for the next round)

What They Did:
This study set to look at how kombucha (KT) can affect trace element levels in the brain, spleen and intestine in male albino rats when exposed to a 950 mHz electromagnetic field (EMF).  There was four groups of rats, control, KT, EMF, EMF +KT.  The rats set to be exposed to EMF were then exposed for 8 weeks.

What They Found:
The animals that were subjected to to the electromagnetic waves had significant increases in iron copper levels and the copper/zinc ratio with a decrease in zinc levels in all studied organs.  Combining the kombucha with the EMF resulted in a successful attenuation of the adverse effects of EMF.

What It All Means:
Cell phones operate somewhere between 450mHz and 2700mHz (quite the range I know) and this is most likely our most common source of EMF in our world but take into account WiFi, power lines and anything else similar.  When you add it all up that can be come scary amounts of electromagnetic waves.  There is a lot out there on EMF and potential other health risks but that is out of the scope of this article.

Having higher levels of iron copper in your organs is not necessarily a good thing.  Our body does a great job adapting but accumulation of these elements of the long term can be very hard on your body and its tissues.  The decrease in zinc is also not something you want to see as that is typically a trace element we are low on (along with magnesium).  

Drinking kombucha is a simple and easy way to combat this and it tastes pretty fantastic and like mentioned above can be made at home (check back for that video in a couple weeks form 6/13/17).  It can be inexpensive and again makes for a simple home remedy to combat the EMF you are dealing with on a daily basis that you might not feel but could be having an effect on your life.  Give kombucha a try.

LINK: Zinc Magnesium Asparate supplement

Resource: Effect of kombucha on some trace element levels in different organs of electromagnetic field exposed rats

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