Monday, April 17, 2017

Mobility Monday: Getting Rid of Tight Hamstrings Quickly

Hamstring tightness isn't usually caused by the fact that your hamstrings are tight.  I know that ARTICLE: Tight vs. Taut).

sounds very counterintuitive but its what everyone has been finding in the research and practical experience.  The hamstrings are often the muscles that get put in a bad position due to some other tightness and problems occurring.  We've talked before on TAT about the hip flexors being tight and causing an anterior pelvic tilt this brining the origin point of the hamstrings higher and putting them on a line of tension (

This can also occur with any tightness with rotation muscles that put the spine in a non-neutral position and increase tension on one hamstring more than the other.  Tom covers that in this video. Give it a try, it might be more beneficial then just stretching.

What It Helps:
-Tight hamstring (obviously)
-Potentially tight low back muscles or pain
-Calf Tightness

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