Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Study Spotlight: Can Orthotic Insoles Prevent Lower Limb Overuse Injuries

Repetitive stress injuries are common in sports like running and swimming where the goal is to be as efficient as possible while reproducing the same motion.  When it comes to running, especially long distance running, repetitive stress injuries come from a sudden increase volume or intensity or a slow and methodical break down of bone and muscle tissue as they absorb the impact of running.  There are many ideas out there to help correct these injuries through rehab and soft tissue work.  Another option is utilizing orthotics to help correct changes in the foot.  This study takes a look at if orthotics might be an effective option to help prevent overuse injuries.

What They Did?
Using a randomized control trial of 228 subjects the researchers looked at injury rates among runners using both orthotics or not.  They did this over a several month period to ensure ample time for training and the possibility of injury.

What They Found?
What they found was that the use of orthotics was not associated with a decrease in lower limb overuse injuries.  Their suggestion based on these findings was that orthotic insoles do not prevent physical stress related lower limb injuries in healthy young male adults.

What It All Means?
This doesn't all mean that orthotics won't work for you.  As with everything when it comes to sports medicine and training its all personalized.  What it does show us is that not everything can be fixed with a simple brace or an orthotic.  It gives hope to the idea that you can correct your feet and create your own arch again and by doing so save yourself from a over use injury.  

Being smart with your training and not increasing to much too soon is the most ideal way to start getting yourself ready and avoid injury and is the best recommendation.

Check out our video below on re-creating your own arch.

Recreating Your Arch

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