Saturday, June 6, 2015

Weekend Workout: Simple and Sinister & The Swing

We are focusing on kettlebells for this weekends workout.  These two moves are all you need to really feel like you are working.  The clean and press and swing with a kettlebell is often all you need for an entire workout and it will leave you drained.  Start a little light with your kettlebell because when you start it will seem like no big deal but as you reach the depths of the workout, your body will let you know how tough it is.  Simple and Sinister is a great option for you week, throw the swing in there and well, enough said.

Simple and Sinister
Equipment Needs: Kettlebell & Pull Up Bar
The Workout:
-1 kettlebell clean and press (each arm) + 1 pull up
-2 kettlebell clean and press (each arm) + 2 pull ups
-3 kettlebell clean and press (each arm) + 3 pull ups
-4 kettlebell clean and press (each arm) + 4 pull ups
-5 kettlebell clean and press (each arm) + 5 pull ups

If that wasn't enough for you follow it up with 3 sets of 20 kettlebell swing within 3-4 minutes.  And you're done, at least I was.

Enjoy the workout, be smart and love the results.  Videos are posted below to help you with the technique of the kettlebell movements.

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