Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The BLOG Lift

Physioballs are no longer just for trying to make your abs look good, they are made for total body destruction. I introduce to you the "blog" lift.  The concept is simple but one that I had never seen before and if your working out on a budget, this is perfect.

-Physio ball (vary sizes based on desired weight)

See green blob for what a "blog" is

Fill physio ball with water up to desired weight (ranging typically 20-80lb).  You do not want the physio ball bursting at the seams when filling it, leave room for the water to move around.  Plug the physio ball as you normally would after filling it with air.

-For lighter "blogs" front shoulder raises are great to start with advancing to throwing the "blog" in the air. 10-15 reps per set
-On your back presses with moderate weight "blog" 10-15 reps per set
-The Ultimate Total Body Workout: The "Blog" Lift (see videos after the jump).  Can be done over bar or just lift and drop. 10-15 reps per set (with 80lbs "blog" you'll be hurting)

Shout out to ogres den fitness

Check out how to do the lift  below.

Kyle Rogers explaining and then demonstrating the "blog" lift over a bar.

Thank you Kyle for explaining how this total body lifting workout hits your cardiorespiratory system (a common misconception that you need to only run for this to occur...more on this at a later date).  Get some.

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