Tuesday, January 1, 2019

What's in a Resolution?

It's that time of the year, the new year. Time for resolutions and planning big changes for 2019.  While it is great to have ideas and plans and options for the new year as man of us have probably seen and experienced, they are really hard to follow through on.  Here are some ideas we have come across to help keep resolutions and make them happen.

Make It Achievable

Having multiple goals/resolutions are great but having all of them being huge can lead to stress in trying to achieve them.  Keep a couple grandiose ones but make many of them something that is attainable (i.e. losing 5-7 pounds a month vs. losing it all by the end of January).  The feeling of accomplishment that comes with completing goals can be what you need in order to keep pushing forward and improving and moving on to the next goal.

Is It Quantifiable?
Put exact numbers and other objective measures on things.  In the losing weight example set a target goal and not just "lose some weight".  When there isn't something to readily shoot for it can be hard to maintain motivation and keep moving towards it.  These are the goals/resolutions that never seem to last and be accomplished.  "What gets measured gets accomplished."  Make sure to set specific measures to it.

Set Deadlines
This idea goes along with making it quantifiable. If you have generalities with when you are going to accomplish your goal and resolution it gives you an easy way out.  Setting deadlines and then making sure that someone knows that date and holds you accountable to it is going to make it a lot easier to get things done.  That may be a bet that you hold to put some money into the game.  It could be some other type of wager to help keep you motivated.  Having set deadlines is going to help move things along and get you to places you need to in order to accomplish goals.

Happy New Year everyone and here is to accomplishing goals (we have our own we have to get after)

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