Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Reducing Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) in Your Life: 3 Easy Ways

By: Joel Luedke

Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) are around us everywhere but as with most things technology today you don't really see it or know its there, like the cloud ("no one understands the cloud").  The use of these EMFs to transmit information is nothing new but after listening to more information on the subject it can be surprisingly outdated.  The standards that were set on what levels are safe were created in the late 1990s and cell phones have changed quite a bit since then (think Zach Morris cell phone). 

While at this point we would be hard pressed to eliminate EMFs from our life we can do a lot of simple things to control them.  These ideas fall under the area of small changes in life that may not have an immediate and huge impact but in the long run could really benefit you and how your body responds to stresses. Check them out.

Headphones of Speaker Phone When you Talk
How a cell phone might effect your brain and the regulations on that information go way back, like 20 years back.  Not only that but the 'person' they used to gather this data was not a person but a mannequin that mimicked a 6'2" 250 person...not your typical average Joe.  Cell phones emit waves and wifi and bluetooth but what are you to do?.  You can purchase a case to help reduce the EMFs (see below).  Another simple idea is to hold the phone away from your head a little bit (they did in the testing) or try and get on speak or use a hard wired head set or ear buds for your conversation.

In the long run this can really add up to less direct and close access of the EMFs coming off your phone and going directly into your head.  Again, small changes that could have big benefit and we are pretty certain will not make matters worse.

WIFI Off at Night
This is one we are definitely going to try along with getting our phone on 'airplane mode' throughout the evening.  The science is still young but there are a lot of thoughts that the WIFI signal can subtly but substantially mess with your sleep.  The easiest way to get around this is to get your WIFI router somewhere far away from your bed, ours is currently in the room underneath out bedroom (not exactly great placement).  The next best option and one that is easy is to put your router and modem on a timer.  By having it turn off right around when you go to bed and turn back on when you wake up you are able to limit your exposure during the night time and not affect your sleep.  Again, simple with the potential to have profound impacts.

Hardwired is the Way to Go
The last one is one that would seemingly set us back to the Stone Age, hardwire everything.  If you have the option at work get away from the WIFI and sitting at your computer and get it hardwired.  This can help again reduce your exposure throughout the day and how you are needing to deal with it constantly.  Another plus is you'll get dropped less and maybe even have a little extra speed.

This is also the case with cell phones and land lines.  If you are able to make sure you use something that is wired in as it again can help reduce your exposure during the day from all the signals that are running through the air.

Simple ideas that can have profound effects on the long term of your health and they don't require a lot of extra effort on your part.  Are they game changers?  It is hard to say but it won't hurt and why not hedge your bets.  We are looking forward to seeing how it helps us.

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