Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The Short Cut to Success

By: Joel Luedke

Ok, I won't lie to you to start an article off there isn't a magical short cut.  If you've read along with us for awhile you know we aren't big on quick fixes and magic supplements.  On the road to your goals you have to make sure you are setting up success for the long run and that is what we are going to talk about in this article, different ways to change your framework to help set yourself up for success.

The first thing we want to discuss is the concept of "willpower".  Willpower is a finite resource.  There is a lot of information out there to support this concept and some of the most successful and influential people in the world know they can only have to much willpower and decision making.  You have to make sure that you are setting your day up for the chance to use those concepts when you need them most.  

The more you structure your day (particularly diet and exercise) the more control you can yield when it comes to making a decision on if you should eat the healthy food vs. the food that is calling your name that you know you should avoid.  If you have these structures in your life that decision making becomes easier and your results improve.

"Discipline equals freedom." -Jocko Willink

Set up your exercise routine and don't look at as something you 'have' to do.  Use it as your get away in your day and build your structure around it.  Not only will you have the on the day by getting your workout in, you now just made one less decision that you can utilize later.  This routine doesn't have to be 60 minutes of crushing exercise but getting up and being active.  Doing things you want to can get you not only the results you want but can also make it fun.

For your diet you want to find things that work out for you and again, avoid having to make decisions on a daily basis about what you want to eat.  The more you have things planned ahead the easier things are on decisions.  This falls into decision fatigue and avoiding it by using structure.  Another way to help yourself out here is to focus on keeping good and 'healthy' foods in the house.  Not only is it convienent but it applies to the 'decision fatigue' and limiting.  That can also help out if there is something unexpected that comes up in your day and you need to hold strong.

It has been said that creating a new habit takes anywhere from 30 to 66 days.  That's a long time.  Find things you can do that will create small victories.  Nothing happens quickly and when it comes to exercise and nutrition and if it does, it is extremely hard to hold on to and keep up that intensity.  Utilize things that can help you out and make you make less decisions on things you don't need to.

We are here to help so please reach out with questions if they ever come up.

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