Tuesday, August 8, 2017

What the CrossFit Games Taught Me

By: Joel Luedke

The Clinically Pressed crew (plus special guest host Andy Askow) got to make a trip down to Madison this past week to visit our friends from Paragon Fitness, the Paul's, and interview some of their sponsored athletes.  We don't talk about CrossFit a lot on this blog but generally follow it and have varying opinions depending on what is being talked about in regard to the fitness movement at the time.  Personally my eyes got blown wide open for the short experience (we didn't even get to

watch the competition) we had down there and I wanted to summarize it in this article.

You Can't Beat the Community
This was the biggest thing for me.  It was incredible.  We got to interview (and eat dinner with) some people at the very top of their game and we had never met them before.  Just with a couple texts and calls we got to head down and meet up and talk about all kinds of things and it was all for the betterment of the CrossFit community.  They all push each other and refuse to leave anyone behind whether that may be in getting a workout in even if people don't quite feel like it or making sure everyone is staying on point with their nutrition (at least mostly).

There are teams and individuals competing in these events but when it comes down to it, its all about the community.

The Lifestyle is Key
Not going to lie, this one made me feel kind of bad but it was not intentionally from anyone.  It makes you feel bad because you want to strive for more in your life and be as dedicated to something as these people are.  It shows how much they don't just workout as a part of life, its ingrained into their routine and what they do and the same goes with nutrition.  We did witness some beer consumption so it isn't struck all the time but because of their dedication it allows for things like that so much easier.  Make it a lifestyle and the choices become easier because its not a choice at that point, you just live how you live.

People Do Incredible Things
If you watched any of the CrossFit games you know they amazing things those people can do.  This part of it goes beyond that.  We talked to any athlete that is competing in the team competition 3 days after taking final exams in physical therapy school.  And she was ready to go.  We talked to another that is only 22 and missed her chance by 3 spots.  There was another who is running multiple businesses plus setting up another amazing series to help promote the sport.  Oh and he was jacked as well.  The most influential interview was by a guy that suffered unbelievable trauma while serving in the Marines and his story on how CrossFit changed his life was truly inspiring and life altering.  Everyone has the capability but the concentration of people we got to meet was truly an honor.

Overall it all seems to come back to the community for me.  It is so strong and people support each other so much in the CrossFit community it makes it literally feel like another family.  We only got to hang out for a few days but felt like the people we knew would do anything for us and us the same for them (if they are reading this please don't hesitate to let us know).  While the movement can be taken to the extreme, but what can't, there truly is a place for anyone and everyone in CrossFit and if that is what helps you get to where you want to be, I say get after it.

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