Sunday, April 9, 2017

Mobility Monday: Don't Go Into the Pain Cave

There are a couple things in this video that are worth covering and implementing in your life.  The first one Dr. Starrett talks about is getting your hip extension back (or started to begin with).  If you've been with us for awhile you know we talk about how often your hips can get extremely tight on the anterior/front side.  The moves he shows is just the start but it is a good start.  Sitting all day at work at the desk or in the car set you up for failure when it comes to getting hip

extension and also can lead to many other problems.

The second area is the pain cave.  We believe in doing something when it comes to your own soft tissue work.  Whether that be getting on a foam roller, a ball or another object to get your tissues moving again.  This is great and something you should be doing but if some is good, more isn't always better because if you go to hard it can be counter productive.  Hence, the pain cave.  Stay out of it. You want it to be intense but you do not want it painful as your muscles will lock down and cause you more tightness then when you started.  Sometimes its ok if it just feels good and relaxing.

Happy soft tissue work.

Things It Helps:
-Tight anterior hips
-Low back pain (due to tights hips)
-Tight hamstrings (I know its backwards)

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