Sunday, January 1, 2017

Mobility Monday: Olympic Gold Mobility

'Olympic Gold Mobility' isn't just for Olympians.  If you want to feel better in your everyday life and especially if you are working out on a regular you'll definitely want to treat yourself better in this regard.  They start off with a vibration machine which is definitely an option you can explore but another one that works out really well is a simple car buffer (see our Optimization Rec' of the Week for an option).  This is a great way to relax tight and tense muscles before you start getting into your soft tissue work and stretching.  Check it out.

Things It Helps: 
-All Sore Muscles
-Tight Hips
-Tight Shoulders & Pecs
-Improving Posture
-Loosening Up You Anterior Chain

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Michael Cortes said...

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