Monday, November 21, 2016

Mobility Monday: Most Embarrassing Mob Ever: Quidditch

Any time you can throw in a Harry Potter reference, well why not.  Starrett talks about how the last mobilization can get a little sketchy when performed at your gym but it in our opinion is one of the most effective options for trying to get into the high and tight tissues of your adductors/groin and upper hamstrings as they are inserting into your pelvis.

These are areas that are not fun to work on and even less fun to have someone else work on because trying to make sure they aren't going to hard is almost impossible to accomplish.  These are great to work on your bottom squat position and I highly recommend them or just for getting your hips to move better.

What It Helps:
-Squat Form (and depth)
-Low Back Pain
-General Hip Mobility
-Adductor/Groin Tightness

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