Monday, August 8, 2016

Mobility Monday: Running Recovery (from personal experience)

By: Joel Luedke

I've had some tough runs and get sore and stiff afterwards but I don't think I've quite felt it like after
finishing a half marathon this past weekend. Now right after the race is not your ideal time to hop on the foam roller or lacrosse ball due to the muscle damage that you just inflicted.  But the next day is a great time to get started and this Mobility Monday is to give you a guide on some of the bigger areas you should be hitting to help get your legs back after running.

Things It Helps:
-General Knee Pain (VMO problems)
-Tight anterior hips (hip flexors)
-Lateral hip pain (TFL)
-Posterior hip pain (glutes)

And those grass fed burgers sounds awesome....

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