Sunday, June 5, 2016

Mobility Monday: Recovering Your Overhead Shoulders

By: Joel Luedke

You might be surprised at how much we do overhead and never realize it.  This range of motion disappears quickly, very quickly.  Some of the most amazing athletes can't keep their hands up over their head with a bar and then perform a squat.  Often times they have to move the bar way behind their heads to cheat for the motion or it starts falling forward and they are unable to increase any weight.

This transfers into everyday life and trying to reach anything high and then move it if necessary, it can be very very hard.  It is also a range of motion that you need for general shoulder health and to restore your shoulders if you are stuck at a computer desk all day or end up being hunched over.  Get your shoulders to open up again and the difference is phenomenal.

Things It Can Help:
-Anterior Shoulder Pain
-Anterior Shoulder Restriction
-Tight Lats
-Fix you Snatch and/or Overhead Squat
-Just generally reaching above your head

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