Monday, May 30, 2016

Mobility Monday: 10 Min Squat Test, Athletic ACL Injury Prevention

This is a video back from the original Mobility Project where it was a mobility video a day and this was day 240 out of 365.  This is a great idea of the way to put a 10 minute squat test into your mobility to make sure you are actually accomplishing what you want to with your mobility.

Kelly also talks in this Mobility Monday about how important this position is when it comes to athletes.  If we put our athletes into a strong but possibly over compensated position in squatting and deadlifting and then expect them not to default back to that when we ask them to run and jump and be athletic.  As you are training you need make sure you aren't creating poor movement patterns that set you up for failure when you are asked to call on them.

Things It Help:
-Hip mobility
-Ankle mobility
-Knee injury prevent

Note: Anytime you hurt a ligament it is a 'sprain', not a 'strain'

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