Monday, January 18, 2016

Monday Mobility: The Pelvic Fault and Low Back Pain

This is our first post with the new website, kind of exciting.  Which means you can now find the free blog in two places, one being and also at  Same content, same price (free that is) just now with some updated features.

Now onto the mobility.  Pelvic faults sound terrible and a lot people (me included before learning) think the pelvis doesn't really move.  Well it moves quite a lot and can easily get moved out of place due to a bad step or a shift in weight or any small movements.  The great thing about it is that most of the time it is a very simple fix and that is what we address with this video.

Simple evaluation you can check on your own and also very easy quick fix using your own musculature to help reset yourself.  Give it a try, it could help lingering back pain that other things weren't quite getting.

What It Helps:
-Low back pain/tightness
-Tight/sore anterior hips
-'Shooting' pain down the leg

Credit: Mobility WOD

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