Monday, January 4, 2016

Mobility Monday: Don't Go Into the Pain Cave

By: Joel Luedke

This an early on video from one of our favorite sites to follow, Mobility WOD so excuse the long boarding antics at the beginning but Kelly Starrett touches on a lot of important areas in this video.

This is a great video for starting your work on your anterior hips which unless you've been doing this for awhile you are inevitably tight throughout this area.  Whether is be from poor posture or sitting for 8-10+ hours a day your anterior hips get wrecked and the two moves at the end are a great place to start.

The second major point in this video that is great is the talk about the PAIN CAVE.  I run into this all the time when I am describing foam rolling and self soft tissue work to someone.  You have to make it intense, that is the only way we are going to get something accomplished but you can't make it so intense that it causes you pain.  How do you know if it is that intense, too intense?  You make a "pain face"!  If you have to scrunch up your face because the pressure is too much, back off and start over again.  You'll get to those deep tissues, it just take a little time.  Happy rolling.

Areas of Help:
-Anterior hip pain
-Low back pain
-Tight/Stiff quads

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