Tuesday, December 15, 2015

India Adventure Recap

Going into the trip across the Atlantic Ocean and into the Middle East I had absolutely no idea what to expect and the nerves were high.  Having completed now two 14 hour flights and almost 20,000 miles in the air I wouldn't change the experience at all.  

The goal of the trip was to inform and educate a variety of health and fitness professionals in India about how we do rigid taping in America.  For most of the people in the profession of Athletic Training, Strength & Conditioning and even coaching know how to do a handful of basic taping procedures and the thought of teaching professionals who may or may not know how to tape made for a very anxious presentation.  Turns out all the information was very useful.

India is fascinating country and sports have always been a big part of culture (Cricket takes the cake) but they continue to add new sports every year they seem.  They even have an Indian version of the NFL starting in 2016.  All the people I met were incredible and taught me many things and I hope I returned the favor.  

Below are just some of the pictures from the trip.  Would be happy to go back and hang out with everyone again.

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