Monday, November 30, 2015

Mobility Monday: The Batman Hip Opener

Most of us can't do the splits (this guy can't) and even when we were younger it was tough.  Who

needs to do the splits you say?  Well it isn't always functional for everyone to need to be able to do the splits but having the range of motion in your hips to be able to do the splits can help you solve a lot of other problems.  

Having the ability to move how you want to and need to in your hips can take a tremendous amount of stress and strain off your lower back and keep it from getting the brunt of pressure that isn't meant to be there.  This video shows a really interesting option to work on your splits and some of the other tight areas you might encounter.  It also allows you to do this while remaining upright in your chest and keeping you in an uncompromised position.

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