Monday, October 5, 2015

Mobility Monday: Wrist Flexibility

Whether you're an athlete whose program requires them to do front squats, an Olympic lifter that needs to get full motion to get the weight above their head or to catch a clean or just someone one has to work at a compute and desk most of the day, wrist pain can be debilitating.  In this episode Kelly Starrett talks about improving your wrist movement and flexibility and get things moving better.

He also talks about the importance of working upstream from where your pain is.  Wrist pain can be caused starting at the wrist and working its way all the way up to the shoulder and neck. He touches on the importance of working the soft tissue in your forearm to clean up any tightness and get it to remove any pressure on the nerves.  From there you can also work all the way up the shoulder to ensure you have all the motion you need there to allow your wrist to be in a good position.

Things It Can Fix:
-General wrist pain/tightness
-Carpal tunnel syndrome
-Losing sensation in your fingers

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