Monday, April 13, 2015

Mobility Monday: Your QL is Not a Bone

Low back pain is the most common ailment the everyday person as well as an athlete experiences.  We've touched on in previous posts about how our everyday lives can lead us to this pain from sitting too much, texting all the time, and being hunched over a desk for either work or homework.

On this Mobility Monday we are looking at the quadratus lumborum (QL) as a possible culprit for contributing to your low back pain.  This is an often forgotten muscle until it locks down and lets you know that it is not pleased with your position and care of it. Below is a simple low back mobilization to help restore some motion to the QL and unlock your lower back.  Make sure you spend some time working here as the amount of stress put through this muscle and area is tremendous and it will take some time to completely work out.

If you aren't getting relief after spending some time here it may be worth a look into seeing a athletic trainer, physical therapist or chiropractor to assess your spinal motion and possibly getting a mobilization done to help unlock your spine which can help the muscle also get moving again.  Sometimes it's not always the muscles fault.

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