Monday, April 20, 2015

Mobility Monday: Total Motion Release (TMR) for Hip Pain

Most of our Mobility Monday's have been looking how we can address tissue restrictions and pain by actively using some type of tool, band or roller to help release tight tissues and free up the corresponding joints.  This week we take a look at a different type of technique to help reduce pain and increase joint range of motion.

Total Motion Release looks at working the entire body and incorporating different myofasical lines that go throughout the body and using them to help correct issues throughout the body.  To simply state it (and not give it enough credit) you are looking at working on muscles and joints that are completely opposite of where your pain is located in order to have significant relieve of pain.

It is well worth a try if you're having pain and can't seem to fix it with anything else.  In this video the creator, Tom Dalonzo-Baker , works on fixing his hip.

Great Resource: Anatomy Trains-Thomas Myers

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