Monday, April 6, 2015

Mobility Monday: Going Around the Ankle (& Why You Shouldn't Do It)

We've covered in a couple other posts the importance of your ankle position and the effect it can have on the rest of your mechanics. If you don't have good ankle position you're squat form will suffer dramatically.  If you collapse in on your ankle with every step during a run you might be dooming yourself to shin splints, knee pain and countless other nagging injuries.

Here we look at how we have been able to work "around" the ankle and trick ourselves into thinking we have full ROM and that our ankles aren't the problem and that we have a stable ankle and good arch.  We must always make sure that we are setting correct position before we test these things to see what truly is the result.  If you start in a good position you can get either good results or good information on to why you didn't.  If you start in a bad position you get nothing but bad results or no information.  Take the time and set up and watch things progress much quicker.

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