Monday, March 9, 2015

Monday Mobility: Wait....My Heel (Calcaneus) Moves?

The foot and ankle complex is an amazing complicated and beautiful set of structures that is so dynamic in it's contribution to our ability to move.  Most athletes, and basically every runner, has
experienced some problem with their plantar fascia, collapsed arch or an achilles issue. A lot of focus is placed on loosened the calf (as it should) and getting the structures on your plantar surface back to supple (also as you should) but the video below shows one more area what you might need to get moving to help fix your problem.

Your calcanues is your heel bone and takes a beating when using poor running form (We suggest the Pose Method) and it can get locked down in your foot/ankle complex and not be a significantly part of your problem with any foot/achilles problem.  Check out the video below for some at home fixes by MobilityWOD and give this one a try if nothing else has seemed to work.

Credit: MobilityWOD & Kelly Starrett

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