Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Get Your Skin Gliding & Fix Some Problems

This is something I hadn't ever thought of but the basics behind it make perfect sense.  Tight and tacked down tissues are a multi-faceted issue.  The idea is that your skin should be able to "glide" over your tissues underneath.  One way to address this is to focus on hydration and allowing your tissue to have enough "suppleness" to them that they are able to move freely.

What Kelly Starrett uses in the video below is trying to "tack" down the tissue and then "twist" in order to help free up those tissues and allow that ease of movement again.  He continues to describe some of the biomechanics of movements of the ankle and how something as small and simple as these tacked down tissues can continue make you movement slightly off and over the long-course of your movement cause you tremendous problems.

Fix it early and fix it often.