Saturday, June 28, 2014

T-Nation: 10 Mistakes Women Make in the Gym

Found this article, 10 Mistakes Women Make in the Gym and for the most part couldn't agree more.  There are a lot of mis-conceptions out there that it appears most women have about the gym.  The main one, I don't want to bulk up and this article does a good job dispelling some of the myths/mistakes that women make in the gym.  Here is a summary of the 10 mistakes and the full article link here.

1. Fear of Appearing Butch
-The amount of time and effort it would take to occur this is not accomplished by many people.  Most men dream of getting here but struggle with it.  Lift some heavier weights, make it tough.
2. Fear of Making an Ugly Face
-This goes along with lifting heavier, it's all good and I promise you it will get you some good attention.
3. Absession
-If you focus on big movements and more complex movements your abs with get taken care of.  Don't over stress doing abs and sidebands, it just won't get you that far.
4. Working the Abs Like a Powerlifter
-Everyone has a six pack hidden somewhere.  To get it out focus on easy ab movements without a lot of weight, you don't need a lot of muscle size for them to come out.  Focus on diet more, this will help with the reveal.
5. Balancing on the BOSU
-Great for balance training for athletics but other than that no functional purpose.  It may make certain exercises appear more difficult but it really isn't doing much to help you with your gain goals in the gym.

Gym Mistakes six through ten on the following page.

6. Too much Aerobics
-Muscle is the most metabolically active tissue in the body, meaning the more of it you have the more energy you burn, the more you burn the more weight you lose.  Aerobics doesn't build muscle but does burn some calories but it is much more efficient to put on some muscle.
7. Workout Monogamy
-You need variety.  Mix it up and don't be afraid to get creative.
8. Workout Promiscuity
-In just one sentence down, give a program a chance.  Don't change up everyday, it will just lead to frustration and lack of results.
9. Fear of Food
-EAT.  It is ok, just be smart about it and take all the "good" things in moderation.
10. Juicing
-Great way to get help get the nutrients you need in your body but keep eating.  You can lose weight quickly with a juicing or "cleanse" diet but they are near impossible to maintain.  Use it as a supplement.

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