Sunday, March 23, 2014

12 Rules of Big Eating

This was recently posted on Muscle & Fitness and offers up some great guidelines for eating to try and get big and gain quality mass.  

They start off by making a great point that you only lift/workout for 1-2 hours a day and then leave the remainder of the day for building mass and what mainly affects that through the day is your nutrition.  Nutrition is one of the most marginalized aspects of sports and performance and it often forgotten as one of the most important factors to performance and the utilization of it in those remaining 22 hours of the day.

1. Eat Real Food:  "Don't eat anything your grandmother wouldn't recognize as food."
2. Rise & Done: Eat a lot of breakfast.  One right away for quick nutrition and another for longer digestion.
3. Track Your Intake
4. Get Your Game On:  Try Bison, elk, ostrich and venison.
5. Eat Why Protein Before and After Workouts: Using it before allows for digestion during and therefore having more readily available nutrition when you're done and then restock again post workout.
6. Don't Shun Carbs: Eat 2-3 Carbs per pound of body weight.

7. Plan Ahead: Make big batches of chicken, chili, hard-boiled eggs, and rice.
8. Munch Before Bed: This is a good time for Casein protein because it coagulates in the gut and allowing for slow digestion (cottage cheese is a great option)
9. Schedule Frequent Noshing: Hunger pangs are a sign too far down that you have entered a catabolic state.
10. Wolf Down Enough Calories: Eat enough but keep the quality clean.
11. Face the Facts: Fat is needed and is essential.  Avoid extra saturated fatty acids and also trans-fatty acids found in fried foods.
12. Pack in Protein

Bottom line: Keep eating.  Protein powder is a great alternative and very beneficial in adding in recovery and muscle growth but whole food should never be forgotten.  Happy Eating.

For the original article go here: 12 Rules of Big Eating

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