Monday, February 3, 2014

Allergies, Pain & Home Acupressure Fixes.

I posted this on another blog and while the allergies and pain ones are helpful the end of the post "Curing a Hangover" may be most beneficial for people after this Super Bowl Sunday.

Have allergies that you've tried every kind of medication for?  Tried every hangover cure there is and none seem to work (other than continuing)?  Stubborn knee pain that nothing seems to get rid of.  Try the world of accupressure points.  It's easy, you can do it yourself and hey it won't cost you anything.


Step I:  Open your left hand in front of you with your palm down.  An antihistamine point is located at center of the webbing between your thumb and index finger.  Place your right thumb on top in the middle of the webbing with your right index finger underneath the palm and apply pressure by squeezing into the webbing (Point: LI 4).  Apply that pressure toward the bone of your hand.  Take 5-10 long, slow, deep breaths as you keep firmly pressing into the point.  Repeat same protocol for the right hand.  Hold pressure for 1 minute.

Step II: Use index fingers to press between the bone of on the top of your feet between your big toe and second toe (Point: Lv3).  Firmly rub in the troughs and angle toward the second bone.

Knee Pain: Who doesn't have this?
Start by sitting comfortably on a rug or mat with your back against the wall or couch.  Extend legs in front of you.

Step I: Use a tennis ball and place it in the middle of the back of your hurting knee. Keep this ball in position as you complete the rest of the steps .
Step II:  Place the palms of your hands on both side of your knee cap (patella) and rub both sides for a minute to create a warming effect (Rub: Lv8, Sp9, K10, B53, and GB34).

Step III:  Use your thumbs and index fingers to press around both sides of your patella, applying the pressure to the under side of it.  Lean your weight forward to apply for 10 seconds then relax.  Rotate your fingers slightly and reapply pressure (St35).  Do this several time for about 2 minutes.

Step IV: Grasp your patella with the palm of your hand and slowly rotate in one direction 10 times then the opposite 10 times.  (You will get minor rotation (it won't spin and shouldn't)  and if you ever have pain, STOP).

Hangovers: The incurable self inflicted ailment (but everyone likes to have fun)
Start by just sitting comfortably.

Step I: Spread your thumb and index finger apart and apply pressure into the muscles in the web as you angle the pressure towards the first bone of the hand.  Stimulate each side for one minute. (Point: LI 4) to Left

Step II:  Curve your fingers and firmly press into the thick ropy muscles on the back of your upper neck.  Breathe deeply as you hold for a minute. (Point: B10)

Step III:  Place thumbs underneath the base of your skull in the hollow points on the back of your head.  Close your eyes and tilt your head forward as you continue to apply firm pressure for at least a minute or until you feel a regular, even pulse on both sides.

Step IV: With one hand, place your thumb and index finger on the upper ridge of the eye socket near the bridge of your nose.  Simultaneously press up into the indentations in your eye socket.  Then spread the index finger and middle finger up underneath your cheek bones directly beneath your eyes.  Hold combination for 1 minute with eyes closed as you breathe deeply. (Point: GB20)

Step V:  Place your right thumb in the center of the skull (back) pressing into a large hallow. Use the third finger of your left hand to press into the indentation between your eyebrows. Hold these points for a minute with eyes closed.  Breath deeply to relax your mind. (Point: GV16 with GV24.5)

Step VI (this one is a little out there): Sitting down with shoes off.  Reach down to place your index fingers between your big toe and second toe.  Slide your finger two inches toward your leg.  press firmly on an angle toward the bone that attaches to the second toe.  Supposedly an excellent decongestant point for clearing your head. (Point: Lv3)

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