Monday, February 27, 2017

Mobility Monday: Mob Rx for Loud Creaky Knees

I've been having a few people asking about general knee pain and what they can do to help with it.  "Should I ice it?"  Well only if ice cures everything for you but generally this isn't going to make a lasting change to your knee because it is maybe just masking the symptoms.  This video gets after all the problem areas I end up explaining to everyone and that is why I wanted to get it out.  It addressed all aspects of where you knee creakiness might be coming from and all the tools are extremely easy to use at home.  Please check this one out if your knees are constantly sore and stiff.

Things It Helps:
-General Knee Pain
-Quad Tendon Issues
-Patella femoral pain
-Hamstring/calf tightness

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