Monday, May 9, 2016

Mobility Monday: The Two Squat Squat

By: Joel Luedke

Squatting is such an important part of our day that we often take it for granted.  Sitting in a chair and
getting up and down is a squat (whether we focus on form or not).  Reaching down to grab something or lift something up again at least should be a squat, 'use your legs not your back'.  And then finally as you are working out you also most likely at some point are going to need to squat.  With all these different uses of the squat the bottom line doesn't change in how you should set up to perform that squat.

Starrett in this video shows the importance of you start prep when getting ready for your squat under both extreme loads and also under a much smaller load and that they don't differ.  Prepping yourself for this motion is imperative to not only protect your spine but also allow you to increase your performance.

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