Monday, May 23, 2016

Mobility Monday: MWOD Your Bed Position

By: Joel Luedke

What's your sleep position? Is it the best one for you to help continue to keep you in the right position while you're out for 7-9 hours?  This short video breaks it down for you on some things you should look out for.  

The main point is that you should lay in your bed on your back for a minute.  Do you have to do something with your legs (i.e cross them, bring them out to a side, etc) to make it more comfortable for you?  If so you are probably on to hard of a surface and it is forcing your lower back into extension and this sets you up to continue to be in a bad position for the entire night. 

This also can occur with your shoulders and sleeping in extra internal rotations.  Starrett throws a few ideas out there to help such as a softer mattress, a foam top to the mattress to help or possibly a small pillow under your hips to help force you out of the over extension.  Check it out.

Things It Helps:
-Tight hips
-Low back pain
-Poor nights sleep

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