Monday, February 15, 2016

Mobility Monday: Feet Out When You Squat? Fix It

By: Joel Luedke

Squatting technique will constantly be argued.  How wide should the feet be?  How much do you turn them out?  Do you squat with your knees or your hips?  Isn't that a powerlifting stance?  Get down to parallel (or below).  This list is endless.  

We believe in taking as 'functional' of a stance as you can when you squat, feet about shoulder width maybe a little wider.  We also believe in being able to get into a deep squat.  This means butt below knees and this take a lot of range of motion.  Often times people are missing that range of motion in their hips, big time.  An easy way to compensate for that problem is to turn your feet out to keep your hips externally rotated.  This can be a trick but it still doesn't solve your lack of motion problem.  Check out below on how you can actually address it.

Things It Helps:
-Hip & knee pain with squatting
-Low back pain with squatting
-Range of Motion and torque issues

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