Monday, December 21, 2015

Mobility Monday: Fixing Back Pain with the Straight Leg Raise

Most athletic trainers, physical therapists and physicians utilize the Straight Leg Raise when assessing low back pain.  It is a decent test that helps you start the process of figuring out where the back pain is originating from.  It could be from a herniated disc in the low back or possibly the sciatic nerve getting tied up in the piriformis as it is moving down the leg.

This test is often positive on one side but not commonly on both (unless it is a severe injury) and this video shows a way to work on reducing the pain on that one side.  Note how he said in the beginning of the video that if you get pain when doing it on both sides this is NOT the fix for you.

What it Helps:
-General low back pain
-Low back disc pain
-Sciatic nerve pain

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