Sunday, May 17, 2015

Mobility Monday: Pelvic Faults and Low Back Pain

This Mobility Monday is looking at how a shift and/or rotation in your pelvis can play a tremendous role in your low back pain.  Kelly Starrett takes a look at how you can get anteriorly rotated in your pelvis and even have the two bones move in opposite directions and create a pelvic fault.

How might I get an anteriorly rotated pelvis you ask?  It happens all the time to us.  We sit all day and the musculature on the front of our hips (psoas, rectus femurs) gets short and tight and pulls our lower spine forward causing our pelvis to rotate with it.  This places an enormous amount of stress on your lower back musculature and can lead to spasms and other areas of pain.

We can have the two pelvic bones rotate on each other quite easily as well from being active or from stepping off a stair wrong and causing a shift to translate through the entire leg up to the pelvis.

Most of the issues can be fixed on their own with just your work but if they aren't quite doing it and helping you out please let us know and we will do our best to help you get to the pain relief you've been looking for.  Get a hold of us at

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