Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Stop Reaching for a Bottle of Pills, Fix the Underlying Problem

We are bombarded daily with commercials for a pill to that can fix all your aches and pains or possibly fix any ailment or disease that is affecting you.  Modern medicine has come an exceptionally long way in recent history with advancements in treatments and medication that have not only extended lives but saved many as well.  Despite all of the benefits medicine has provided a question still remains that needs to be constantly asked; Can a pill solve all of our problems?
There are countless ads today for pain medication, gout, high blood pressure, cholesterol and the list continues.  They purport they can cure all your problems with one pill.  Then comes the list of possible side effects that more often than not sound as if they might be worse than what problem you were originally trying to fix.  The idea of a quick fix has become a state of mind for many people and it is now beginning to catch up with us.  Evidence of this is in seen in the fact that our latest generation of children are the first in history that are not expected to outlive the age of their parents.
Chronic disease and illness has become very real and exceptionally so in America.  The return to the basics of diet choice, exercise and changing our lifestyles away from quick, easy and an instant fix is becoming more and more apparent. Chronic pain and chronic disease are two of the main issues our world deals with today and there are alternatives that doesn't involve a prescription pill.
Alternatives to Pain Medication
Pain is present for a reason.  Pain is our bodies process of telling you that something is wrong in the way your mechanics are working and a is stress being applied to an area that it isn't meant to handle that specific load.  The human body is remarkably resilient to the demands that we place on it and it will subconsciously adapt to the positions its placed in most often to become more efficient.  While this unbelievable ability is great it can cause us a long and slow process of setting ourselves up for failure.  
Sitting all day forces the body to adapt to a position which is not a natural to the body.  This starts the process of adaptation and if your body does not completely accept this altered position is sends out signals of pain.  Many of the big pharmaceutical companies will tell you to reach for a bottle of pills to take the pain away and you're cured.  While these medications may provide temporary relief they are not fixing the underlying problem.  Masking pain signals does not solve postural faults and can have other detrimental effects to your health such as stressing your kidneys.
Instead of reaching for a bottle of 4-12 hour pain relief see a medical professional or movement specialist to help you figure out the problem and the root cause of it.  If this isn't your preferred route look to take up a movement practice such as Pilates or yoga to help your body realign and cut the stress of your painful body area.  There is so much more than taking a pill and the rest of your body will thank you later.

Check out Alternative ideas to Weight Loss Pills Below:
Alternatives to Weight Loss Pills & Getting Off Chronic Disease Medications
There is no secret way to get chronic weight gain and the start of long-term disease.  There is no secret pill, exercise or potion to get you back to having six-pack abs or even into general health instantly.  Medicine has done a tremendous job developing medication to help many people with hypertension, heart disease and many other chronic ailments but none of them can address the underlying cause.  In a world where everything moves as fast as possible and information on health and nutrition is terribly confusing we can get lost and this results in  grabbing anything that says low-fat and cooks up quickly.  This is the area where the first step can be taken to help prevent you from needing to get on medication later in your life or help you with the ability to get off your medication (with your doctors consent of course).
You can lower inflammation within your body that leads to high cholesterol (corresponding homocysteine levels), heart disease and diabetes by cleaning your diet up and allowing your body to take care of itself and clean up its internal systems.  Switching from anything found in a package that was created to be able to sit on a shelf for more than a couple of days to fresh food that was grown in the ground or raised on a farm is a simple switch to better health.  Eliminating chemicals and preservatives that you can't pronounce on the side of a food box is the step to not having to take a pill and then worry about the side effects that might come along with it.
It's your body and what you do with it is your call but there are many ways to help yourself without becoming another statistic in taking a pill from your doctor.  As always you should consult your physician before making any drastic life changes with your medication or diet but it's your health, look into it.

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