Thursday, January 15, 2015

First Standing Classroom for Kids

This is a simple an amazing novel idea with so many benefits. has officially set up the United State's first standing classroom.  From what I could find the first one to exist was in Australia.  These desks are made for kids to be able to stand up, lean on and even have a sway bar
underneath the desk to rest their foot and move/fidget as much as they need to when they are in class.

The benefits of this are many.  First we are taking kids out of the forward flexed, short anterior chain, position.  We are allowing them to engage their posterior chain all day and work on having proper posture (or at least much better posture throughout the day).  They also estimate that standing at school alone with burn upwards of 100,000 calories a year.  I'm not big on calories in, calories out but there is no denying this is a huge number and it will be greatly beneficial to utilize your leg muscles throughout the day.

Check out more at or on Twitter @Stand_Up_Kids

It may never apply for than now: Fix It Early, Fix It Often

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