Sunday, October 12, 2014

Long Term Memory Loss Prevention

Preventative and personalized medicine should be (if it isn't already) the way of the future when it comes to treating not only injuries and trying to stop them in the first place but on a bigger scale.  Looking at individual risk factors for people can have a significant difference on how you are treated
and what you should be treated with.

The article linked below hits specifically on Alzheimer's and follows a young man who has a family history of the condition and is already looking at ways to try and slow down, if not prevent the possibility of him having Alzheimer's.

Quick Things to Look At:
-Reducing sugar and carbs in the body
-Playing a musical instrument
-Creatine supplementation (Tim Ferriss introduced this theory).

Very interesting read.  Enjoy.

Alzheimer's Prevention for 30-Somethings with No Symptoms