Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Three Incredible Lies in Mainstream Training and Nutrition

I found this from the Poliquin Group and summarized there points but I think many of them are valid.  What we are taught in the educational system is being challenged and long held beliefs in fitness and nutrition are becoming open conversations and  I think there is a shift in the works.  Here are some interesting facts to think about.

By Poliquin Group

Inept health and fitness facts:
            -The static model of energy balance based on the idea that 3500 calories equals a pound and that weight loss will follow accordingly-it won’t.
            -Similarly, a calorie approach to weight loss is ineffective over the long term because it doesn’t account for macronutrient ratios, insulin response, or how the body alters hormone levels that dictate hunger and the use of fat for fuel.
            -Ignoring the negative effect of chemical exposure from food additives, pesticides, hormones, and endocrine disruptors, all of which negatively influence body fat levels and health.
            -A reliance on a low-fat, high-carb diet for weight loss because it can be harmful to health and largely disappointing for fat loss.

Lie #1: Aerobic Exercise Will Help You Lose Fat
The Truth: Aerobic Exercise is a Fat Trap
-High-intensity intermittent exercise, which is anaerobic rather than aerobic in nature, is much more effective.
-Aerobic exercise is a fat trap because the purpose of doing it is to train the body to be as efficient as possible.  The body adapts quickly to repetitive aerobic exercise with the goal of using the least amount of oxygen and energy to perform the greatest amount of work.  Nothing about aerobic exercise supports long-term fat loss.
-Do this instead: prioritize anaerobic training in the form of regular weight training and intervals.  Resistance training done properly will produce sustainable fat loss because it increases muscle for a greater metabolic rate (you burn more calories at rest with more muscle).  It leads to the release of hormones that burn fat and improve metabolism.

Lie #2: Low-Fat Diets Are Best For Fat Loss
The Truth: Low-Fat Diets as used bye the Mainstream Will Harm Your Health
-Higher protein, higher fat dietary models tend to be much more effective for fat loss because they favor protein and fat, both of which are very filling and help you avoid hunger.
-They also prevent the severe reduction in metabolic create that coms from low-fat, calorie-restricted eating because you won’t lose as muscle with adequate protein. 
-Low fat diets make your body rely on glucose (or sugar) for its energy source.  Therefore, your body can’t access its fat stores to burn them because it prefers to use glucose for energy, making it very difficult to lose body fat.
-Low fat diets are a health trap that rarely lead to the body you desire.  They cause insulin and blood sugar havoc and keep the body in glucose-burning mode, rarely leading to sustained fat loss.  They make you hungry, tired, and at greater risk of disease.

Lie #3: Chemical Don’t Make You Fat & Detoxification Isn’t Necessary
The Truth: BPA & other Chemicals Dramatically Increase Body Fat & Diabetes Risk
-These chemicals alter hormone function when they are ingested in large quantities present in modern society.
-Helping Detox:
            -Get adequate B vitamins, which play a primary role in eliminating toxins.
            -Drink a lot of water-more than 3 liters a day-and get adequate fiber from vegetables, fruits, seeds.
            -Whey protein will increase levels of glutathione, which is internally produced antioxidant whole purpose it to eliminate toxins.

            -Train hard.  Studies show athletes excrete more toxins in urine than sedentary people.

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